What’s WaBF?

Whatsabudget Films started in the summer of 2012 and would become the independent film arm of our burgeoning videography/video marketing business, Arbent Creative Media. The two entities would coexist and cooperate in the most uninspired of ways as we began growing both and making films. Hence most of our films being labeled and credited as “an Uninspired Partnership Production”.


For the first two years in this incarnation, Whatsabudget Films or WaBF, specialized in making short independent films shot in a single day and released online for free directly to the public. And in that time we managed to churn out nine short films all under the premise that this passion that we have for filmmaking will not be stopped by a lack of funding, or even interest, in our projects. We would make films just to be making films. And this was a glorious period, where we learned the limitations of our no-budget approach and kept our scripts tightened with that knowledge.

Our first films were all a learning process, and as we continue to grow and expand beyond this scope we once held our focus in, we hope to keep learning new and exciting ways to deliver our vision to our audiences wherever they be. We have always held to a mission that we want to shine as much light on the amazingly large pool of talent in the Springs area as possible, and we promise to keep doing so as long as we are making films!

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