Road Kills (2017)

Sometimes we make a wish to change our path. Sometimes, to give us strength to do what we know we must. Even when it impacts those closest to us.

Written & Directed by Rob Bowen
Producer: Chloe Carr
Starring: Kat Dowell, Jake Zindorf, Chloe Carr
With: Rashad Ligon, Kimberly Holcomb, and Avery Holcomb


- Was made for and won 2nd Prize in the Judging at Colorado Springs 2nd Annual 14’ers Film Festival – December 2016


“Road Kill, a well crafted film by a young group of inspired filmmakers. Interesting story line and good script. Critically, the “F” word was used more in 11 minutes than Scorsese‚Äôs Good Fella’s did in one hour and 50 minutes. (Just sayin’) Has a strong Tarantino-Scorsese vibe. If it’s intended I dislike the character Andy, well done! The supporting actors delivered an authentic, believable performance. Hopefully the producers paid them well, as they made Andy palatable. I would watch it again. And again.
~ EJ Carr – Hollywood Reporter “In Training”

Director’s Notes

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