What You Need – Music Video (Director’s Cut 2014)

Karen is keeping a secret from her son. One she has shared with Jayne, entrusting her and begging her to aid her in her request. This is something that Jayne will carry with her forever.

Song by: What’s Fair
Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Erica Erickson & Leah Chandler-Mills
With: Kacie Vance & Micheal Lee

Director’s Notes

Years ago through my podcast, I managed to connect with the lead singer of an amazing band who was moved to pen a song inspired by the show. I loved their music and this was a big honor for me. So when I began making films, I reached out to the band and asked if I could feature one of their songs in what would then be my second short film. They not only gave me permission for that song alone, but they told me that I was free to use any song they had on their album for any project I wanted in the future too. I was floored by their generosity, and what I can only interpret as a huge act of faith and vote of confidence. I mean, they had no idea what I would end up making, but they trusted me to not misuse their work.

I was moved by their entrusting me with their art, and so I took the charge very seriously. Not only that, but I knew at some point, I would want to find a way to thank the band for this trust and show them how much their generosity meant to me. It was as summer approached in 2014 that I landed on just how I wanted to do that. So without telling the band what I had planned to do, I set out to find one of their tracks that I had yet to use, for which I could pen a moving short film to pair with it. It didn’t take me long to find that track. As I listened to the song, I began to see the pain my characters were experiencing. Continue reading