Waiting for the Way (2013)

In this absurd short comedy based on Beckett’s Waiting for Godot, Dalv and Ess find themselves, as they do in most incarnations, waiting. Their conversations range from flawed philosophy to ponderings that smash through the fourth wall.

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Mark Cannon & Erica Erickson

Director’s Notes

I had big expectations for this short. It was our first full on comedy that was purely about nothing more than making people laugh (unlike our promotional comedic short, Coffee & Cigarettes). Immediately, I knew I wanted a comedic vehicle for Erica and Mark to pursue. Bringing Erica back was a no-brainer after she totally killed it in Seasons Change. But this time around, I wanted something lighter for her to play with. Mark I met through auditions from our planned feature film that C&C was a promo short for, and I had the chance to see him perform on stage. He was simply amazing, and I knew that I wanted to see him get to do something a little less heavy than Kafka’s ‘The Trial’, the play I got to see him act in. So I approached them both, and being theatre folks, they were willing to take on this challenge.

For years I had known I wanted to do something based on Samuel Beckett’s ‘Waiting for Godot’, but there was one problem, I had yet to see or read the play. So adapting my own version was not something that I particularly felt inclined to tackle. But still it gnawed at me. Then one day as I found myself watching the Monty Python documentary ‘Monty Python: Almost the Truth (Lawyers Cut)’, because I love me some Python. Continue reading