Seasons Change (2013)

An emotional look at one woman’s struggle with depression and the isolating cold that it brings to swallow her whole.

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Erica Erickson

You can also get the free digital download of Seasons Change here! Just click and download will begin. Then just unzip the file and enjoy!

Director’s Notes

Seasons Change was a very personal piece, and one that I only felt comfortable doing once I knew I had the right actor for it. This was the first short (and would not be the last) where I would work with Erica. I met her during auditions for a feature film project I will discuss later, but immediately knew that she was someone who I could give anything to and she would instill it with awesome! The piece was already powerful, in my mind, but to realize it and see it come to life via Erica’s performance, she really brought more to the film than I could have imagined.

There was so much heart in her delivery of the monologue, that what is heard in the film is the very first take of her going through it. I had even altered and extended the monologue a bit the day before the shoot, so it wasn’t even the version of the script she had previously worked with, but she absolutely nailed it first time in. There is a back-up second take of the monologue that has never seen the proverbial light of day, because it simply wasn’t needed. Continue reading