la Chasse (2018)

If you’re not the hunter, you’re the prey

A night out turns deadly when the unexpected happens, revealing a dark web woven through the night, entangling everything. A web inspired by ancient blood rites, promises of prosperity, murder, and revenge!

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Sara Balakrishnan, Brent Wilkerson & Jake Zindorf
Also Starring: Kat Dowell, Cliff Cage, Christina Kaiser
With: Angie Bowen, Chloe Carr, Halston-Ashley Seeley, & Dom Rough

Director’s Notes

I like to play with various genre conventions and tropes when I am writing, always hoping to subvert them in fun and unexpected ways when I can, and la Chasse presented me with a unique opportunity in that vein. Here was essentially what could be a Rape Revenge thriller but with the sexual nature of the violation being removed (the only way those stories are digestible for me), and with as much of the typical male gaze that drives those stories also being removed, or at least, brought in but not in the exploitative ways it usually is. And you can’t deal with rape as a theme and not address or deal with its underlying cause, patriarchy. Continue reading