Coffee & Cigarettes (2013)

A promotional short for an upcoming feature film, Coffee Cigarettes takes a look at what happens when the personal tradition of a coffee shop customer comes up against the rules of the establishment and state.

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Ittany LaShay & Rob Bowen
With: Ariel Crawford & Gary Allen

Director’s Notes

Coffee & Cigarettes is something of a unique beast, because I wrote it as a simple promotional short that we could release to generate interest in another, larger project we had planned (and still do), but it also very much stands alone as a darkly comedic look at what happens when social rules and laws come up against the personal traditions of someone who lives outside such structures. The idea and the film itself, happened very quickly, which is why I had to step in and be on camera once again. Reaching out to local talent, I connected with Ittany who so wonderfully captured the attitude and fire of the character I gave her.

As I said, the planning and putting together of this film happened quicker than usual, and thus this project was done and ready months before it would be released (so as to coincide with the launch of the crowd funding campaign). Continue reading