Catching Up (2012)

It’s been a while since Cody and Faith have seen one another, but this moment of catching up between old friends isn’t necessarily a joyous reunion. Both know what this reuniting will bring. One is ready to face it…one is not.

Every ending…is a new beginning

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Darleen M Daniels & Steve Austin

Director’s Notes

I absolutely love this film, and so feel like I have failed it completely. Given that this was only my second short film, I knew that there were still plenty of curves left for me to learn my way around, however, this one brought a powerful lesson home in the most painful of ways. While I had everything inline to make this film shine, the perfect pair of actors to give life to the layered characters in the piece, pitch perfect dialog and a slowly unfolding narrative steeped in tension and great reveals, even professional grade cameras to capture everything with, I had failed to consider and monitor the sound we were capturing with the cameras, to be able to keep that open-air hiss/hum out of the equation. Continue reading