Return of the Masked One (2014)

Nearly two years after Carol’s past caught up with her, and the Masked One’s reclaiming of her soul forever marked the spot where she died, a new tenant in the building unwittingly opens a dark new chapter of this horror tale.

When Garret spills a few drops of blood, he begins a fast descent down into darkness, opening the door between worlds for the Masked One to return and claim a new soul for his dark schemes. Will Garret’s own past prevent him or anyone else from taking this threat seriously?

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Mark Cannon & Jim LaVasseur

Director’s Notes

Shortly after finishing the first installment in this horror series, I knew I wanted to revisit and expand on the mythology I was building, because lets face it, these days, you gotta have a sequel! It’s a horror rule that Scream so poignantly explained (then exploited). But I also knew that the first film offered so little of the established character mythos that I had constructed in putting the film together, that I figured I would eventually want to come back to this tale and build more. Reveal more. Even if it is done subtly.

I began toying with the idea of how I would continue the story in the same settings, and use a different aspect of the Masked One’s dark plan to drive and unfold the narrative. And while the idea itself began to take some distinct shape that was appealing to me, it wasn’t until I came up with the words of the Prophet for this part of the story, those two lines of poetic verse that act as something of a hook in the plot, that I was completely sold on moving forward with the sequel. Continue reading

Beware the Masked One (2012)

It’s been thirteen years since Carol somehow survived almost drowning, and if her dreams are any indication…she is not quite out of the woods yet. With the appearance of a mysterious stranger, and her haunting dream lingering in her mind, Carol’s day is headed straight into the black!

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen & Russ Huard
Starring: Rachel Mather & Dan Davidson

You can also get the free digital download of BtMO here! Just click and download will begin. Then just unzip the file and enjoy!

Director’s Notes

This horror saga began so much simpler than it ended up. And I say that in a very proud and praising manner. When I first penned the short, there was always something missing. And given that it was a short, I was sort of okay with that I guess. I started pursuing it, and as I did, we had the first near flood as a result of the Waldo Canyon Fire that had taken place earlier in the summer. The creek behind our building filled with this thick, black water that I managed to capture on film. I knew immediately I wanted to use this footage for something (as at the time, I believed it was something of a rare occurrence), and I began looking at a way to tie it to the Masked One script. BOOM! Suddenly, the mythology behind the story exploded into view.

I could see the entire plot of the Masked One, a deep story that would only be highlighted and have the surface grazed in the short film, but that was unfolding in my mind as I connected the visuals of the creek to the story and myth. A rich horror saga would result, that begs me to return to it. Once I had this expanded idea and script, I started reaching out to local actors I met through Steve from Catching Up. This is where I managed to find the talented Rachel and Dan, and I brought them into the project post-haste. While planning out the project, I sat down with Russ over lunch and we discussed it at length. It was during that lunch that Russ and I came up with the final shot sequence in the film, and I was super-excited to get this project in the can! Continue reading