Life’s a Tarantino Flick (our 1st Feature film) Deep in Post Production

This year we have been hard at work, shooting and completing our first ever feature length film with the aid of a creative works grant from the University, and under the mentorship of Dr. Teresa Meadows. The film is being worked on to finish up and meet our proposed completion date set in early of next year. In the meantime, we wanted to share some of the teasers and trailers with you all.

All the world’s a stage, and in the first feature film from Whatsabudget Films, we meet a handful of its deadly players. It seems like an ordinary day at the Globe Bar & Grille, but as these patrons are about discover, this day is anything but! With four chapters, each woven together in this postmodern tapestry, we see four separate trajectories and the lives of seven people come crashing together in this Tarantino-esque drama about life’s unexpected twists, being shaped by past traumas, and one of humanity’s oldest pursuits, vengeance.

Written & Directed by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Nicole Goeke, Desiree Myers, J Giordano, Brent Wilkerson, Angie Bowen, Michael Tuxhorn
Also Starring: Michelle Niebergall, Rashad Ligon, Jim Sharp, Darleen M. Daniels, Charlie Moore
With: Mark Lutinski, Jacob Hillmann, Tricia Timney, Erica Erickson, Kyrah Marie Guerin, Robert Stokes, Erynn Mitchell, Rob Bowen, Brandon Bishop Jr., Brooklynn Sims, Sean Forrest, and Chloe Carr

Character/Chapter Teasers

Chapter 4 – The Bartender

Chapter 3 – Nira

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