Cashing Out (2012)

An unknown writer struggles to write the perfect piece…even if it kills him.

Directed by: Angie & Rob Bowen (credited as Persephone Pomegranate & Robert Bowen)
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Rob Bowen

You can also get the free digital download of the festival cut of Cashing Out here! Just click and download will begin. Then just unzip the file and enjoy!

Director’s Notes

People talk all the time about virtual trials by fire, and I feel that the universe really wanted to drive that point home as I set out to start this new chapter of my life as an indie filmmaker. Having finally broken the cycle of unending pause I sat on, waiting for my words to make it to the screen, I set the date that we were to begin this journey. I had penned a poetic and highly personal piece to get this ball rolling, and even decided I would step in front of the camera as this was a learning experience I didn’t wish to inflict on anyone else. The day we were set to begin filming in our apartment, we were forced to evacuate due to the threat posed to the city of Manitou Springs by the spreading of the Waldo Canyon Fire. A fire that had begun earlier that day. Continue reading