Catching Up (2012)

It’s been a while since Cody and Faith have seen one another, but this moment of catching up between old friends isn’t necessarily a joyous reunion. Both know what this reuniting will bring. One is ready to face it…one is not.

Every ending…is a new beginning

Directed by: Rob Bowen
Written by: Rob Bowen
Starring: Darleen M Daniels & Steve Austin

Director’s Notes

I absolutely love this film, and so feel like I have failed it completely. Given that this was only my second short film, I knew that there were still plenty of curves left for me to learn my way around, however, this one brought a powerful lesson home in the most painful of ways. While I had everything inline to make this film shine, the perfect pair of actors to give life to the layered characters in the piece, pitch perfect dialog and a slowly unfolding narrative steeped in tension and great reveals, even professional grade cameras to capture everything with, I had failed to consider and monitor the sound we were capturing with the cameras, to be able to keep that open-air hiss/hum out of the equation.

I was horrified to hear the sound I came away with that day, and had even debated trying to reconvene the actors to get them to re-record the dialog to dub over the footage we shot. Ultimately, lacking the resources and means to do this, I moved forward with what we had, believing that there was still so much value and power in what we had. A belief I still hold to. But with Steve and Darleen delivering such amazing and powerful performances, I will always feel like I let them down a bit with this project, failing to deliver back to them something equally as magical as they gave me.

Despite these flaws, Catching Up remains one of my favorite films we have made. Probably because it was the second, more truly film-like set and shoot we undertook in our journey as indie filmmakers. But also, there is just something about that story that I really love and cannot let go of. I felt like it was just so smooth and unassuming. The end just sneaks up and punches you in the gut. Or at least, that’s how I view it and imagine it does. Russ was a huge help in making this film a reality, from loaning me the cameras used, to acting as AD and even securing and paying for the use of the location we shot in. His dedication to and support of the project was more than crucial, it was inspiring.

This film began to connect me with the local community of talented individuals all working to make indie film in Colorado a sustainable reality. From here I believe our films took on a whole new life and expanded in such a way that they wouldn’t have been able to without the amazing people that have come together to help me in my indie filmmaking quest.

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